Please Mr. Holmgren, don’t draft RG3

Been a long time since I last did this. I apologize. With the offseason being here the browns once again leave us fans dreaming of what could be next year. Like every other year.

There has been a lot of talk about the Browns trading up from #4 using our other first round pick acquired from Atlanta to land RG3, I feel this would be disastrous and honestly set us up for another regime change in a few years.  The kid from Baylor may have won the Heisman, and be a good athlete but he isn’t what we need now. Maybe if we had a good O-line, or running game or receivers…or any combination of the 3… The truth is our offense is pathetic and tossing in a rookie who needs to learn the pro game slowly is not the way to do it. Dont compare him to the Cam Newton’s situation in Carolina. He had a good running game and this guy called Steve Smith.
Say we get RG3, who is his go to guy? Cribbs? Little? Watson? Nope. One needs to stick with returning the ball, the other needs to learn to consistently catch the ball and the third needs to stop getting head injuries all the time.
RG3 would be doomed to fail before he took the field. A young qb is only as good as the cast around him. My opinion on drafting said qb from baylor would change if we make a splash in free agency (for once) and land a big shit WR, (Colston, Garcon, etc) This would give him a safety net and make his transition from college to pros so much easier.
We have too many needs to trade 2 top 25 picks to move up 2 spots. MAJOR offensive needs off the top of my head – #1 WR, RB (depending on what happens with Hillis), RT, and a G. Landing Justin Blackmon at #4 would be a slam dunk for us. It would allow us to really evaluate McCoy, who spent his first full season as a starter throwing to sub par talent. If we decide McCoy is the guy after next year, awesome. If not at least we have a big shit WR who has a year under his belt.  Maybe we could also land a good tackle with our second 1st round pick and FINALLY have a right tackle who deserves starting for an NFL team and help us forget about Kevin Shaffer, John St.Clair, Floyd Womack and Tony Pashos. A solid (not even great) RT would make our offensive line so much better. As it is now, if you wanna sack our QB, its easy. Stay away from the left side and Joe Thomas…

Hello world!

Hi there. This is a blog about the Cleveland Browns. I’m just an avid fan, and am not satisfied with the media coverage of my team. I fully understand they have been bad since coming back into the league, and really don’t deserve much attention, but I don’t care, I’m gonna give it to them. I’m writing this because I have a somewhat informed opinion on this team and would like to share/discuss with others, be it fans or haters.

1 week left, (thankfully) and this season has not gone how any of us fans have hoped, or even realistically thought. I’m sure many of us would have expected a noticeable improvement from last year, since it’s Holmgren and Heckert’s second year at the helm.

Is there anyone left who does not believe in the madden curse? I for one made damn sure to vote against Hillis in every round, to no avail. Even with the horrid, drama filled season Hillis had, he needs to come back to Cleveland next year. We all saw the offense without him, and it was embarrassing. Hardesty played good in the abscence of Hillis, but he is a bit frail. I don’t see him being our 20 carries a game workhorse, but I think he could be a very good compliment. You need 2 solid backs in the NFL now. Chris Ogbonnaya played better than anyone expected and definately earned another year with this team. Hillis is not under contract after this season and is set to be as free agent. 1 amazing year has not set him up for the payday he hoped. The browns need to franchise him, sit him down and tell him about the riches that could await him after the franchise year if he has another good season.  I do not feel using a top 5 or 10 pick on a RB would be the wisest decision when we have so many holes that need filled elsewhere.

I’m out for now. If you liked what you read, check back in while I discuss other things such as our head coach, our good players, our bad players and all kinds of other fun stuff.